The Drowning Summer by Christine Lynn Herman review

The latest novel from Christine Lynn Herman is a unique mix of teen friendly supernatural drama and a coming of age tale.

The same as many horror tales, The Drowning Summer is based around a prior evil that has traumatised the small coastal town of Sand Dollar Cove.

We follow the journey of Mina Zanetti, a bisexual teenager who is struggling with her identity as well as becoming a medium, like her mother.

When they accidentally summon the spirits of three murdered teenagers they unwittingly become part of a deadly game between ghosts and demons.

Ironically its the supernatural parts of The Drowning Summer that are its weakest whereas Mina’s struggles are the most compelling. Herman’s decisions about the supernatural narrative feel like they’ve been plucked out of something like Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners. It’s scary enough for young adults but won’t send chills down the spine of adult readers.

This novel will certainly appeal to a teen audience but may struggle beyond that.

The Drowning Summer by Christine Lynn Herman is available now from Titan Books.

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