The History of Metal and Horror review

On the surface it may feel like an odd matching when pairing up heavy metal music and horror, but anyone who has ever attended a convention knows the two are intrinsically linked.

Horror has always been the black sheep of the film world and metal very much of the music industry, so their crowds are often one and the same.

This documentary, splits its story into different segments, as we first explore the history of horror and look at how it became this controversial vehicle for independent filmmakers to get their product out there. Interestingly, there is mention of the Video Nasty era, where horror films were blamed by conservatives for seemingly, all the world’s problems and promptly ripped from shelves and demonised to the point of pure insanity.

The filmmakers have also managed to get a slew of well-known faces to speak about their love of horror, including Alice Cooper, Chris Jericho, one of the Ramones, Corey Taylor of Slipknot and even Rob Zombie, who has navigated both the metal and horror scenes, with varying success.

They all get the chance to put across their origins with the genre, which never feels exhaustive but is just more informative. Newer bands such as Ghost, (who featured on the Halloween Kills soundtrack) also chime in and given this documentary took the best part of 7 years to make, you would never know that, by looking at it.

From a horror side, voices such as John Carpenter, CJ Graham and Kane Hodder also get to share their views and experiences of the metal scene plus how it has linked so well into the genre.

Even if you aren’t the biggest metal fan, there is plenty to love here, and who knows you discover a new film to add to your watch list?

Look for the release of The History of Metal and Horror in the coming months.

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