Grimmfest favourite King Knight coming to DVD

After proving popular at last year’s Grimmfest, Richard Bates Jr’s King Knight is set for release on DVD on 19 April 2022.

Thorn (Matthew Gray Gubler) is a witch; by day he runs a not flourishing bird bath business, but by night with his wife Willow (Angela Sarafyan), a Wiccan high priestess, he runs a new-agey coven in California. The pair enjoy an idyllic life, dispensing couple counselling advice to their gently dysfunctional coven members.

But into their blissful existence enters a voice from Thorn’s past, via an email from Alexandra (Swati Kapila), and an invitation to a school reunion. For, and much to Willow’s rage (mainly because she had such a tough time at school) it turns out that Thorn has a dark past: as Thornton (his real name), he was voted ‘most likely to succeed’ in his class, participated in school government and even excelled at…Lacrosse.

Willow’s almost Morticia Addams like disdain for Thorn’s wholesome past is echoed in the coven, who feel betrayed, and banish him. Thorn has no choice but to attend the reunion and face the music over what he has become.

Watch the trailer for King Knight below –

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