Miami Connection review

It’s hard to believe a film such as Miami Connection could be made.

The plot features a team of ninja bikers versus a karate pop group, who do battle, with often hilarious results.

The music is unbelievably cheesy and the acting and dialogue is extremely awful, with one scene with one character talking about his estranged dad coming across as laugh out loud funny rather than poignant.

This feels like the less refined cousin of something like Cannon Films’ Ninja series, which to their credit do feature more coherant combat while also toying with equally bonkers narratives.

When it comes to the fighting scenes, they are well choreographed but the editing is really chopping and it feels like most of the character development was left on the cutting room floor.

You can’t even comprehend the meetings that took place when pitching this film to studios. Having said all this, if you treat Miami Connection as a comedy it works quite well.

The plot is paper thin, but is it a good time? You bet your ass!

Miami Connection is set for a Blu Ray release from Vinegar Syndrome later in 2022.

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