Fresh (2022) review

Anyone who had chance to see the recent Disney+ series Pam and Tommy may have been taken aback by the performance of Sebastian Stan.

As the actor continues to move further away from the Winter Soldier and Marvel, he looks to be taking on more challenging roles – including the co-lead for Hulu’s latest Fresh.

While Stan is outstanding here, a special shout out needs to go to Daisy Edgar-Jones, as the vulnerable yet resourceful Noa, who has a chance meeting with Steve at the local supermarket after another failed date.

It is quite difficult to go into detail about the plot of Fresh without spoiling it, but once it hits stride it is certainly not for the squeamish.

Steve is charming yet menacing, sometimes in the same scene and his polar opposite Noa, is equally as magnetic. This is very much a Batman and Joker relationship, at times.

Director Mimi Cave isn’t shy about letting the gore fly either. I would certainly not recommend seeing this on a full stomach.

Fresh may be slightly bloated at just shy of 2 hours but with the two outstanding lead performances and a truly bonkers plot plus a killer soundtrack, you are bound to be entertained.

To steal the phrase from a well-known review site, this film is certified fresh.

Fresh is now showing on Disney+.

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