Support queer horror short Final Boy

UK queer horror short Final Boy is now crowdfunding on GoFundMe.

Final Boy” is an LGBT queer horror short film, aiming to provide correct and positive representation for LGBT members within the horror film genre; more importantly slasher films.

The film will focus on the last 15 minutes of a proposed longer slasher feature, in which the last surviving member of the friendship group is faced with difficult choices and forced to survive on his own against the killer.

The film will draw heavy inspiration from the works of Sam Raimi as a director, as well as the art design aesthetics of the Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday The 13th film franchises respectively.

Director Bertie Guczki said:

“Myself and the crew for this film would be more than grateful for any and all donations made in order to make this film a reality. To me this project is a personal battle against the negative stereotypical representation that queer characters receive within the horror genre, and upon completing the film we aim to subvert genre expectations and tropes in the slasher film.”

You can support Final Boy on GoFundMe.

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