Visually stunning sci-fi A Vanishing Fog wins best Cinematography at SXSW 2022

The Colombian film A Vanishing Fog (Entre la niebla) by director Augusto Sandino was announced this evening the winner of the ZEISS Cinematography Award at the 2022 edition of the SXSW Film Festival. The evocative film photographed by Gio Park, in his first feature-length credit, had its North American premiere in the Visions section of the festival dedicated to risk-taking artists in the new cinema landscape who defy traditional categorization in documentary and narrative filmmaking.

A visually-exquisite social parable, with echoes of Buñuel and Jodorowsky, and the first feature film to be shot in the mysterious and formidable Páramo of Sumapaz—the largest swath of alpine moorland in the world—A Vanishing Fog draws on longstanding Latin American traditions of cinematic surrealism and innovative applications of science fiction to tell the story of F, a solitary explorer and guardian of the mountains, condemned by his fate, who strives to protect the mystical and fragile ecosystem he inhabits while caring for his ailing father.

Facing the imminent return of an unnamed social and ecological violence, F – played by the emblematic and commanding newcomer Sebastián Pii in his debut cinematic role—yearns to overcome his human limitations and plan his escape, knowing all too well that his departure will come with a heartrending goodbye to the only world he has ever known.

An oblique portal into a surreal and sacred landscape at once otherworldly and completely vulnerable to industrial society’s destructive tendencies, A Vanishing Fog invites audiences to immerse themselves in a sensorial experience of images and sounds that come together to comment on Colombia’s pained histories of human and environmental rights abuses with bold cinematic precision, sensitivity, and innovation.

With almost no dialogue aside from choice phrases in the fictional indigenous language Sunapakún, Sandino successfully assembles a singular portrait that speaks to the plight of indigenous peoples on a global scale. By removing the language of the oppressors and positioning viewers within an abstract but personal vision of what has become of his country, A Vanishing Fog allows the emotional experience of environmental extraction to resonate on a human level.

A deeply personal film, perhaps a song or a poem caught between past and future, sanity and delirium, or bliss and tragedy, A Vanishing Fog marks Sandino as an emerging filmmaker to watch on the international festival circuit masterfully mixing sci-fi, arthouse, and genre cinematic elements.

Watch the trailer for A Vanishing Fog below –

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