Open 24 Hours review

I remember hearing about Open 24 Hours after its premiere a few years back at Frightfest.

We follow Mary (Vanessa Grasse), who manages to get a job at a 24-hour garage, as part of her parole after she set her serial killer boyfriend on fire.

In the same vein as the excellent Last Girl Standing, this is a story about a woman trying to put her life back together following an awful and unforgettable incident.

Mary has constant flashbacks of her former lover, and you start to think this may be all in her head until the bodies start piling up.

No one can say that Open 24 Hours holds back, with director Padraig Reynolds going for violent and gruesome kills over tension.

This isn’t your standard slasher and more along the lines of a post-slasher, where a survivor is dealing with the consequences of, in this case, a previous bloodbath.

I have to say Open 24 Hours is beautifully shot, with its rainy and blood-soaked garage, a great setting for a body count movie.

More of a gritty slasher that is probably ten minutes too long and it does fumble its finale slightly, but it remains an entertaining one-time watch.

Open24 Hours is now available on Digital Download from Frightfest Presents.

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