Womp Stomp Films Launches Campaign for Never Hike Alone 2

The team at Womp Stomp Films is back and excited to launch their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Never Hike Alone 2, the highly anticipated feature-length sequel to Friday the 13th fan film series which began with Never Hike Alone in 2017.

Set three months after 2020’s winter set prequel Never Hike in the Snow,  Never Hike Alone picks up with Crystal Lake’s haunted son, TOMMY JARVIS (Thom Mathews), who has all but given up on his search for the long lost JASON VOORHEES (Vincente DiSanti).

However, when Tommy receives an emergency call to pick up injured hiker KYLE MCLEOD (Andrew Leighty), he will once again come face-to-face with the ghost of Crystal Lake, setting into motion a blood-soaked conclusion to their deadly rivalry.

Caught between the chaos is DR. DIANA HILL (Anna Campbell), still searching for answers to her son’s disappearance, and the ever stubborn SHERIFF RICK COLOGNE (Vinny Guastaferro), convinced Tommy is responsible for it all.

“This is the big one,” says Director Vincente DiSanti. “After the pandemic pushed back our plans of a multi part mini-series, we decided the fans have waited long enough. Our team worked hard to combine the remaining entries back into one script and now we look forward to delivering the final chapter the fans have been dying to see.”

As of March 13, 2022, an Indiegogo campaign has been launched to help fund the production of Never Hike Alone 2 this spring and summer. If fully funded, the film is targeted to release for free on the Womp Stomp Films Youtube channel in October of 2022.  

“It’s been a rough ride for Friday fans over the last decade, but we hope our contribution through fan fiction has given them something to cheer about. Fans from all over the world have been the backbone of the project since the beginning. We hope to welcome them back and more for one last time.”

Fan looking to back Never Hike Alone 2 on Indiegogo can do so here: https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/8e658f03 

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