The Shadow People by Graham Masterton review

You kind of know you are in for a bumpy ride when the opening chapter of a book features police officers finding a shopping trolley full of human skulls.

I often go into book reviewing blind to the plot and look to be surprised and I must admit I was expecting something supernatural with a title like The Shadow People, but this story falls more into the cult category.

Early on this can be quite difficult to get into, with some of the protagonists coming across as deeply unlikeable but once you realise that Masterton is working in a grey area where there is no black and white, good versus evil, you can appreciate what he is doing here.

Given that his cult are feasting on humans, he doesn’t hold back either, with some chapters seeing innocent people literally ripped to shreds. If you have a thing about eyeballs, this probably isn’t for you.
Around the midway point we also have a sideplot involving different strands of the cult, which you aren’t entirely sure will be paid off.

The Shadow People becomes more of a procedural as it develops but as we ramp to the finale you almost expect something loud, brash and spectacular whereas Masterton pivots to something deeper and more brooding.

The Shadow People is an original and at times horrifying read that is certainly not for the squeamish.

The Shadow People by Graham Masterton is released on 1st March 2022 by Head of Zeus.

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