Where does a Texas Chainsaw ’22 sequel go?

The discourse amongst the horror community since the release of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) on Netflix has been deafening.

Given the conclusion of the film, which saw Melody meet her fate at the hands of Leatherface’s chainsaw in Harlow, whilst her sister Lila escaped – we have to ask; where does a sequel go?

Leatherface, as we saw from the post-credits scene is heading back home, having lost the last person to look after him, after the death of the orphanage owner at the start of the film.

Lila escaped this time, but will she look for revenge and come after Leatherface in a sequel?

As for Sally Hardesty, a sadly underutilized returning character, she is very much dead and couldn’t conceivably return.

Director David Blue Garcia has already stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he has ideas for a sequel, saying,

“I’ve actually brainstormed quite a bit about what would happen in a continuation of this story, or just another tale in this world. I have some really cool ideas that I’d love to have the opportunity to pitch if Legendary wants to make another one.

“There’re also things when I watched this movie that I look back on and I wish I had done, so I’ve got those in my back pocket if I get to do another one. And of course, there’s that teaser at the end of the film, so there’s definitely a future to explore.”

What would you like to see from Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel? Let us know in the comments.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) is available now on Netflix.

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  1. I think they should have Leatherface walk in the house. Inside there is a man either cutting someone up or sewing skin. He stands up and they got at it and fight almost to the death but when the new killer is on top L.F. looks over and sees a picture and it’s of Leatherface and an unnamed boy. They stop fighting and figure they are son and father. The son could be Jeb from The 03 version(he still has the extreme Buck teeth) or just a kid from the many sexual assaults he did on the women he hacked up.


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