Vostok by Steve Alten review

As a veteran of Steve Alten’s long-running Meg series, I was quite curious to check out Vostok, a spin-off of that series plus his other novel The Loch.

Regular readers of Alten’s work will know the narrative structure of his novel, with scientists with intriguing backstories going into place such as prehistoric worlds buried under miles of frozen ice, to find something spectacular.

After solely sticking to prehistoric monsters such as Megalodons and Lipluoridon, Alten decides to switch things up with Vostok; with mixed results.

We get more from Zachary Wallace from the Loch plus series veteran Jonas Taylor, which keeps a familiar plot strand woven into the narrative.

Alten reaches to more fantastical heights which readers will be intrigued by or simply turned off by. Put simply, Vostok won’t be for everyone.

Expect the usual explicit detail Alten is known for, but given the introduction of an extra-terrestrial element, this will either be an incentive to carry on with his work or jump off as surely things can only get stranger from here on out.

Vostok by Steve Alten is available now in Paperback and Audiobook formats.

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