Freddy’s Nightmares heading to Screambox!

The completists for the A Nightmare on Elm Street series are clapping their finger knives with glee, as its been announced that the complete television series Freddy’s Nightmares is heading to Screambox on 15 February.

The whole series has never been physically released in full, with fans limited to bootleg DVDs, the odd VHS and YouTube clips.

While it is widely considered a low point for the franchise, given the super low budgets and the fact its stories are typically only topped and tailed by Mr. Krueger; many fans have craved the series for years.

Running from 1988 until 1990, Freddy’s Nightmares began with the origin story of Freddy, directed by one Tobe Hooper. Entitled ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’, we get to see the infamous trial where Krueger is let off on a technicality plus his eventual slaying by the parents of Springwood.

From here the quality noticeably drops but it does feature well-known actors of today, Brad Pitt, Lar Park-Lincoln, Jeffrey Combs, Charles Cyphers, Kyle Chandler and Dick Miller.

A number of directors also cut their teeth on Freddy’s Nightmares, such as Mick Garris, the late John Lafia, Tom McLoughlin, Dwight H. Little plus Robert Englund.

Find out more about Screambox.

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