Born to be Bad II by Timon Singh review

While there may be an established audience for reading about action hero villains off the back of the first Born To Be Bad book, author Timon Singh manages to knock it out the park once again with this second edition.

Here Singh, not resting on his laurels, speaks to some well-known faces including Robert Patrick, Tony Todd, Jake Busey and Stephen Lang just to name a few.

Clearly he has done his homework as each interview comes across quite genuine and we get some fascinating insights into some of the unsung heroes of cinemas during the 1970s onwards.

Stories such as Martin Kove’s road to The Karate Kid or Todd’s beginnings as a stage actor are catnip to people who enjoy action and genre films.

At just over 300 pages this is also a brisk read, and each interview leaves you wanting more. As someone who can be quite a slow reader, a blasted through this book in just over 5 days, which feels like a record for me.

I cannot recommend Born To Be Bad II enough; now when’s part 3 on the way Timon?

Born to be Bad II by Timon Singh is available now from BearManor Media.

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