The Deadly Grimoire by Rosemary Jones review

I must admit that this was my first dive into the world of Arkham Horror, which is set around the Lovecraftian coastal town of Innsmouth and all of its weird and wonderful inhabitants.

Here we follow stunt actress Betsy Baxter, who returns to Arkham following the mysterious disappearance of two of her co-stars in a fire.

Very much a detective tale, The Deadly Grimoire plays out like the board game of the same name, with characters finding clues and trying to unravel the mystery before its too late.

While this is at first gripping, the story does begin to lag towards the middle and doesn’t really recover with a somewhat underwhelming conclusion.

Betsy, as the lead is quite an intriguing character, but her backups are perhaps less so and when the attention is on them The Deadly Grimoire can be quite a struggle.

Having said this, The Arkham Horror series clearly has a target audience to cater towards, it just didn’t entice this first time reader this time around.

The Deadly Grimoire by Rosemary Jones will be released on 15 March by Aconyte Books.

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