Mindy is the natural successor to Randy in the Scream universe

There has been plenty of discourse among horror fans since the release of Scream (2022), but one of the overall sentiments has been the superb performance of Jasmine Savoy Brown as Mindy Meeks-Martin.

Although there have been countless campaigns (which were partially fulfilled in an easter egg in the film) for Scream 4’s Kirby to return, there is now a new movie nerd in Woodsboro, and she’s even related to Randy!

Mindy is the niece of the late Randy Meeks, killed off so brutally in Scream 2 after surviving the first film, and played with such verve by Jamie Kennedy.

Mindy despite her inherent knowledge of the horror genre, almost doesn’t follow the rules she preaches, but at the same time has a laidback approach to life plus she is an out and proud queer person, something the Scream series has been strongly missing despite the odd attempt over the series.

Her bloodline certainly helps her claim, plus the fact she and her twin brother are now part of a small group who have survived another Ghostface massacre, alongside Tara and Sam.

Could this foursome plus some new blood lead us into Scream 6 down the line? Only time and box office will tell, but the first signs are encouraging.

Scream (2022) boasted a number of debut performances in the series, with some fans (myself included) now at peace with saying goodbye to the golden trio of Sidney, Gale and Dewey and letting new characters carry on the story if the numbers add up.

What do you think about Mindy’s character? Let us know in the comments.

Scream (2022) is currently playing in cinemas.

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