Rust Belt Driller comes to DVD on 22 March

Get ready for urban decay… of the mind in Rust Belt Driller, which is set for release on DVD on 22 March from Bayview Entertainment.

A Horrornews.net Presentation – Renn Maxwell seems to have everything going for him. He has a manager that cares, he’s good enough at his craft (visual art) to have private gallery screenings.

He seems to live in a nice looking house and he has a committed, streetwise, and beautiful partner in Carol.

But Renn has been followed all his life by something dark. And now with the chaos of the modern world, and his own inner horrors, that evil has finally gotten close enough to reach out and touch.

What follows in the next few days will paint the city of Buffalo, NY a whole new canvas, mostly flowing red.

Watch the trailer for Rust Belt Driller below –

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