Award-winning Alter Ego heading to VOD

‘Alter Ego’ the Horror-Thriller and Winner of Best Screenplay and Best Editing at the New York International Film Awards Arrives On Demand on 8 February from Indican Pictures.

Detective DiBiasse (Oscar® nominee Eric Roberts, Runaway Train) arrives at his last crime scene, the mansion of a wealthy, yet paranoid recluse named Alan Schaeffer (Dylan Walsh, FX’s “Nip/Tuck”). As Detective Dibiasse is accompanied by a new detective, he soon begins to weave together the strange story of Alan Schaeffer, a once renowned author of a best selling serial killer book series, who now vehemently insists that one of his creations is trying to kill him.

Surrounded by security who reportedly see nothing, no one can help Alan Schaeffer as the police move on without a second thought. Yet, shortly after, Detective Dibiasse is summoned back to the mansion and is met with a horrible, brutal crime and not a suspect in sight.

From director, writer and producer Ezio Massa (5 A.M.), the acclaimed film festival hit also stars Steven Stanulis (5th Borough), Deborah Twiss (Kick-Ass) and Rodrigo Guirao Díaz (Dead End).

Watch the trailer for Alter Ego –

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