Is Dewey Scream (2022)’s new Randy?

With the new Scream, just a number of days from release, a new clip has been released of Dewey (David Arquette) suggesting he could be the new Randy for this film.

During the short clip, Dewey details three rules the new generation of Woodsboro teenagers being hunted by Ghostface needs to follow to survive.

Rule #1: Never trust the love interest.
Rule #2: The Killer’s motive is always connected to something in the past.
Rule #3: First victim always has a friend group that the killer is always part of.

Sound familiar? Dewey’s speech to Richie and Samantha recalls a similar diatribe that Randy told Dewey in Scream 2, and well, we know how that ended for our favourite film nerd…

In Randy’s absence will Dewey take the mantle of helping our teens face up to Ghostface?

The only image released of Dewey and Gale has shown the pair in a heated debate, perhaps suggesting our married couple are now potentially divorced?

Has Gale’s ambition drove her away from Dewey, or did Deputy Judy (now Sheriff) finally seduce Dwight with those lemon cakes from Scream 4?

Watch the clip on Twitter and let us know your thoughts in the comments –

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