Halloween Kills novelisation by Tim Waggoner review

Taking the reigns from John Passarella, experienced novelisation writer Tim Waggoner gets the task of adapting the bombastic Halloween Kills.

Despite completely polarising the fanbase, Halloween Kills was a massive hit at the Box Office plus at home on Peacock and now on VOD.

But what does Waggoner add to the film’s already packed plot? The best things are anecdotes for our central characters, primarily Lindsey, Tommy, Lonny and Marion.

We get backstories for each character, to get a better idea what they’ve been up to for the past 40 years. Lindsey is a single parent florist with an estranged son, Tommy is a bit more of a loose cannon with anger issues and a Thorn tattoo (a nice touch for fans of the original Thorn trilogy), whereas Lonny has become a paranormal investigator and has written about the Myers murders from 1978, including interviewing Laurie Strode for his book. Marion is still working as a carer, but her relationship with Loomis post-1978 remains quite foggy.

All of this information will be lapped up by Halloween fans in this brisk read, which does well not to delve too much into the psyche of The Shape. Waggoner treats him very much like the shark in Jaws, he keeps moving and keeps killing.

The author also uses the original ending for Kills, with Laurie calling Karen, only to have The Shape answer the phone after murdering her daughter in Judith Myers’ bedroom.

A serviceable novelisation that fans will enjoy and I don’t think anyone would be too mad to see Waggoner return to adapt the upcoming Halloween Ends.

Halloween Kills by Tim Waggoner is available now from Titan Books.

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