Stagefright – Blu Ray review

Stagefright is widely considered the finest work of Michele Soavi’s filmography.

With this release from Shameless Films though, the film has never looked better with a crisp 4k transfer.

The plot follows Alicia, a theatre dancer who injures her ankle and alongside her dress designer Betty, is rushed to the nearest hospital, which is also a mental asylum.

On their return to the theatre, they acquire an unwelcome guest Irving, an escaped mental patient who begins a killing spree throughout the cast and crew.

It carries the hallmarks of Italian horror with its over the top gore but it also drips with style.

Coupled with the fantastic transfer this disc also features insightful interviews with Soavi, actors Giovanni Lombardo Radice and David Brandon.

StageFright remains a top tier slasher that deserves more attention and hopefully, with this release from Shameless it will get the due it deserves.

StageFright is released on 27th December 2021 by Shameless Films.

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