They’re Queer co-host Liam Littlejohn picks his Top 5 Christmas Horrors

In our final Christmas horror feature, we caught up with the co-host of the They’re Queer Podcast, Liam Littlejohn who picks his Top 5 Christmas horrors.

Black Xmas (2006)

I’m a sucker for a 2000’s slasher film. Coming out of the teen slasher craze of the late 90’s, they all tried to do something a bit extra and this film does it in abundance. Playing on shock factor and trying to create the new big “baddie”, this film was a bit of a mess – a fun mess nonetheless! Black Xmas (2006) didn’t reinvent the wheel like it’s 1974 predecessor but it’s fun to have on while you’re wrapping presents.

Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

A zombie horror musical set at Christmas? Sign me the f**k up! On paper this shouldn’t work and I admit I was so hesitant about it when I first read the synopsis but uponmy initial viewing I was hooked! The musical numbers are hit or miss but ‘Turning My Life Around’ is bloody (ha!) brilliant! Definitely give this a watch if you haven’t before, I recommend pairing it with a bottle of wine.

Gremlins (1984)

People often tend to forget that Gremlins is a Christmas movie because the dialogue is usually oversaturated with the Die Hard discourse (give it a rest now). This for me is essential viewing each Christmas (along with Muppets Christmas Carol) and the scene of the carol singing Gremlins gives me the biggest boost of serotonin. I feel this is one of the most perfect gateway horror films.

Better Watch Out (2016)

This film is SO criminally underrated and it makes me so mad. I feel the marketing let it down as it was described as a horror version of Home Alone which I can see why (particularly with one scene homaging the John Hughes classic) but this film is so much more! Olivia DeJonge portrays the modern day “final girl” incredibly well and Levi Miller is one of the best young actors around. I cannot recommend this enough!

Krampus (2015)

Since 2015, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I have watched this. An incredible cast, amazing practical effects and some twisted humour blended into one festive fright. One thing that I really love about this film is it’s restraint – it tiptoes along the edge of a pool of camp and occasionally dips it’s toes in there but never fully dives in. If you haven’t seen this yet then that needs to change. Stick the fire one, grab some sherry and some mince pies and pray that you’re on the good list this year.

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