Yuletide Horror documentary announced

A brand new documentary chronicling Christmas horror and folklore will be hitting our screens in 2023 from director Kieran Nolan Jones.

Featuring interviews with horror experts, filmmakers & scholars, Yuletide Horror will charter the history of the holiday season’s roots, from disturbing folklore from around the world to the genre’s proliferation and unyielding appeal in modern-day horror cinema.

“While exploring the key and varied cinematic staples of the sub-genre, the documentary will investigate its cultural influences, as well as uncover the themes and subtext which sit menacingly underneath the Christmas tree.

Directed by Ethan Evans (The Haunted Museum, Time Out), and co-produced by Jess Bartlett (Time Out, Stagnant) and Kieran Nolan Jones (Teen Screams), the documentary will be co-written by the trio. Yuletide Horror is a co-production between Evans’ and Bartlett’s Terror Arcade and Nolan Jones’ Hellmouth Pictures label.

Look out for more news on Yuletide Horror in the coming months.

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