Brendan Haley shares his Top 5 Christmas Horrors

We hope you have been enjoying finding out the favourite festive flavours of genre creatives so far. In our latest feature, we caught up with Illustrator/Actor/Director/Producer Brendan Haley to find out his favourite Christmas horrors.


Singing, dancing, brain-bashing fun in a post-apocalyptic winter wonderland. This movie truly has everything in its festive utility belt to delight even the littlest zombie teether. At its core, Anna & The Apocalypse is about breaking away from convention to find yourself, throw in a fish rap musical number or two, and what could be more relatable content than that? The finding yourself part, not the fish rapping. I would argue that this movie is not just a seasonal cult favorite, but a full-fledged holiday classic. Hold the brain splatter.


All the most notorious hallmarks found in Christmas movie formula are on full display, and full blast, in this brilliant lampoon of the holiday movie machine. Letters To Satan Claus is a high-camp joyride that delves into the troubled past of successful journalist, Holly Frost, who must confront the hellish consequences of a childhood letter she mistakenly sent to the overlord of the infernal nine circles, not jolly old Saint Nick. But wait, will Holly also find love in time for CHRISTMAS?! This is one comedic romp that will have you saying “YES SATAN!” by the time the credits roll.

ELVES (1989)

Where do I even begin with this bonkers tale of Nazi, druid, Christmas Elves? Well, that brief synopsis pretty much sums it up. It is just as the film’s tagline states, “They’re not working for Santa anymore”. Elves is part Gremlins, part Santa: Private Investigator, and a whole lot of insanity wrapped up with a tidy bow. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll ask yourself (repeatedly) what the f*ck am I watching, and why do I love it?


From Bateman to Bates, we love murderous psychopaths. But what holiday treats are in store for Ashley when she must face off against the most sadistic psycho of all, the young boy she is babysitting. This is a brilliantly twisted holiday horror, certain to entertain and keep you on the edge of your seat.


Think of Home Alone, now think of Home Alone on crack, steroids, and maybe some of Aunt Bethany’s special holiday punch wink. The son of a wealthy Frenchwoman is left alone in their familial castle to face off against a killer dressed as Santa Claus. Between breathtaking set design, hilarious and heartfelt character work, and Rambo, it’s hard not to fall in love with this story of Christmas maiming.

Browse Brendan’s work on HaleyDoodles.

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