Actor Daniel Montgomery picks his Top 5 Christmas Horrors

Continuing our Christmas coverage, we caught up with actor Daniel Montgomery (The Jessica Cabin), who shared his Top 5 yuletide horror favourites.

Edward Scissorhands – A family-friendly film, sure, but it was gateway horror for tiny, tiny scared-to-death Daniel. It solidified Tim Burton’s darkly distinct voice and vision in cinema, and it never gets old. And as Vincent Price’s last film? What a way to go out

Black Swan – So, technically this isn’t Christmas, but it’s a must-watch for me every holiday season. A nightmare-fuel wintery ballet psychodrama, it’s equal parts campy and sinister with an insane Academy Award-winning performance by Natalie Portman. The Nutcracker wishes it could be this!

Eyes Wide Shut – A deliciously slow erotic thriller (is there a better kind?) dripping with dread. Snowy New York streets, orgies in mansions, cults with horrific masks, and, best of all: Nicole Kidman.

Silent Night, Deadly Night – Absolute smut – but that’s what makes it so naughty and nice. A ludicrous plot with, at times, an even more ludicrous score. Though it spawned a few even sillier sequels, it’s one of a kind.1.

Black Christmas (1974) – The OG slasher. Still shockingly nasty, deliciously twisted, and absolutely stocked with luscious ’n fuzzy holiday horror. No killer backstory needed here, just evil as pure as the driven blood-soaked snow.

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