Writer/Producer Stu Jopia picks his Top 5 Christmas Horrors

The Bloody Flicks killer Polar Express continues, as we caught up with UK independent producer and writer Stu Jopia (Good Tidings), who shared his top 5 Christmas horrors.

5: Game Over – Dial Code Santa

I only found this wicked French movie about 5 years ago (it was released in 1989) and it has been in my Christmas re-watch list ever since. It’s a fabulous movie that plays like a precursor to Home Alone but this isn’t no kids movie, the lead star is basically a kid Rambo armed to the teeth with all sorts of gadgets and traps to help him defend his home and his grandfather from a crazed Santa who has invaded his home on Christmas Eve.

4: The Day of the Beast

This Spanish movie is written and directed by the famed horror director, Alex de la Iglesia. And once I saw this years ago it was a must for my Christmas re-watch list. This movie is bat shit crazy!!! In a nutshell, a priest must stop the Antichrist from being born on Christmas Day but to find him he must commit sins!! Now that’s one hell of a premise and in Iglesias true anarchic style he runs with the premise to create one of the best black comedy Christmas horror action movies ever created. A true cult classic!!

3: Krampus

This is the newest movie on my re-watch list and if it wasn’t for my love of the classics this would be higher. A true comedy-horror blockbuster of a Christmas tale. This movie has everything, killer toys, crazed lunatic gingerbread people and of course the big scary man himself, Krampus. This is a warm and cuddly Christmas horror movie in the same vein and tone of Gremlins, a more kid-friendly cautionary tale for the ages but one to watch with the family in front of the Christmas Eve fire with lots of egg nog and festive snacks.

2: Silent Night, Deadly Night

This is the movie that caused so much controversy back in the day with it being one of the first, if not the first movie to depict a psychotic killer Santa. And this is one of the reasons I can’t get enough of this twisted Christmas horror movie. What starts of with an infamous opening sequence soon spirals into insanity as Santa offs people in the most sadistic and deranged ways with axes, crossbows and deer horns all being used to off those naughty people. The acting is horrendous but for me is part of the charm of this epically deranged Christmas slasher.

1: Black Christmas (1974)

For me this movie is the granddaddy of Christmas horror movies, it’s an actual creepy, terrifying, visceral horror movie experience and that’s what makes this my favourite Christmas horror movie of all time. Some people forget that this Christmas slasher movie predates Halloween by a few years as one of the first slasher movies ever. Everything in this movie is literally perfect, the acting, the locations, the design and the kill scenes are all so well handled to help this movie deliver tonnes of tension and thrilling suspense until it’s final scene. An absolute must for everyone’s Christmas horror movie lists this festive season.

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