Who could return for Chucky Season 2?

Chucky fans were delighted to discover just before the first season finale that the show would be returning in 2022 for Season 2 on SyFy; but what surprises could it bring?

While there have been plenty of legacy characters such as Tiffany, Andy and Kyle make an appearance in the first series, but what other established characters could be brought back to battle Chucky?

Here is a rundown of some possibilities –

Detective Mike Norris (Child’s Play) – Portrayed by Chris Sarandon in the original film, Mike Norris was integral in stopping the initial killing spree of the Chucky doll. The main questions here are; would Sarandon return plus how could his character be re-employed into the narrative? Could he become part of Andy’s team of Chucky hunters?

Karen Barclay (Child’s Play) – The mother of Andy Barclay hasn’t been seen since the original film and was revealed to have been institutionalised at the beginning of Child’s Play 2, with Andy going into foster care. While Andy has carried serious PTSD from his repeated encounters with Chucky, how has it affected his mum? This would be a fascinating arc for the series to explore.

Tyler (Child’s Play 3) – Besides Andy, Tyler is one of the only survivors of Chucky during the military camp set Child’s Play 3. Bride of Chucky took the series is a very different direction, but it would be interesting to see what became of Tyler; does he now run the military school? Did he serve in Afghanistan and now carry the scars of war as well as his encounter with Chucky?

While unlikely, this would be another bold choice for the series.

Jesse and Jade (Bride Of Chucky) – Did our newly-wed couple live happily ever after from Bride Of Chucky? Given the swerve in tone again for Seed of Chucky, Jesse and Jade are never even mentioned again in the series to date. Given actress Katherine Heigl’s disdain for her horror films, this would be extremely likely, but Jesse could be a possibility if Nick Stabile would be interested in coming back.

Glen/Glenda (Seed of Chucky) – While it wasn’t fully confirmed, it has been hinted by a number of sources that Glen/Glenda has already appeared in the Chucky series, just not in doll form. Tiffany does mention Glen/Glenda in the series finale, so the character is definitely part of the universe, its just how they are integrated which will be fascinating.

What do you think though? Will any of these characters return in Chucky Season 2? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I want Teo Briones Junior Wheeler return to Chucky TV Series Season 2 2O22 pretty please because I was really sad when Junior Wheeler died I was really heartbroken because if Teo Briones Junior Wheeler doesn’t return for Chucky TV Series Season 2 2O22 I wouldn’t be really sad and heartbroken Crying so please bring Teo Briones Junior Wheeler back pretty please


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