The House of Snails review

When a writer arrives in a small secluded town, he gets more than he bargained for when he learns of the local urban legend Vimero.

This supposedly mythical creature feeds on the innocent of the town if certain rituals aren’t undertaken.

The House of Snails has an almost twisted fairytale quality to it, with a slow burn that engulfs you in this plot and you almost feel as trapped as our protagonist Antonio, who seems stuck in this vortex of sorts.

The film is also beautifully shot and really takes the time to appreciate the South American filming locations plus the central performance of Javier Ray elevating the film in its slower moments. The sound design is also incredible, with the haunting howls from the woods nearby really sending chills ip the spine whilst detailing the isolation of the village.

Will this writer get lost in his own story? Does he want to escape it? These are questions we explore throughout as Antonio starts documenting the weird happenings in this town.

While some of its conclusion can be telegraphed there are twists and turns that open up the story, so it can be continued if the filmmakers chose to.

The House of Snails should be praised for taking established tropes and putting different spins on them plus exploring the idea of insular communities and how urban legends can infect towns and the way they live.

The House of Snails screens as part of Grimmfest’s Christmas Horror Nights on Saturday 11th December 2021.

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