Chucky 1×08 review

The biggest question going into the Chucky season finale is – what is Chucky’s dastardly plan?

Well, we do get to find out but there is so much that happens during this bumper 60-minute episode that some may want to rewatch to digest all the beats.

We have Devon being held hostage at Charles Lee Ray’s childhood home, with Andy and the estranged Kyle en-route with their own plan to deal with Chucky once and for all.

Tiffany/Jennifer Tilly also has her own plans for Nica and the future whilst Jake and Lexi will attempt to save Devon plus end Chucky too. There is some convergence but after an explosive opening 20 minutes, you may feel it has played its hand but clearly Don Mancini has plenty of surprises up his sleeve.

Chucky in his new alliance with Junior, has some standout moments including a scene that pays homage to Ghoulies plus a pep talk to his new band of doll army.

Ultimately the Chucky series has really opened up the world of the narrative, and once the dust has settled plenty of chess pieces have been moved or wiped off the board altogether.

We get some surprise appearances, which had previously been promised, and once the credits roll you only been clambering for more of these characters and this world. Bring on Season 2!

The full series of Chucky is now available to watch on Peacock.

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