C13Features Unveils Trailer and Cover Art For Second Podcast Movie ‘Ghostwriter’

C13Features, the new podcast movie studio of Cadence13, a leading premium podcast company and division of Audacy, have unveiled the trailer and cover art for its highly-anticipated feature GHOSTWRITER, starring Emmy-nominated actress Kate Mara and SAG Award-nominated actor Adam Scott.

GHOSTWRITER is the second release from the groundbreaking new C13Features studio, following the success of TREAT, starring Kiernan Shipka, which shot to #1 on both the Apple Podcast and Spotify Fiction charts.

GHOSTWRITER, written by Alix Sobler, follows Kate Michaels (Kate Mara), a former journalist who reluctantly accepts a job ghostwriting a new murder mystery novel for an eccentric billionaire. Kate Michaels has been living a solitary life after a traumatic experience, but after pressure from her rational agent and candid best friend, she begrudgingly concedes that she needs the work. As she collaborates with the enigmatic James Webber (Adam Scott) on the project, she finds herself growing dependent on him and starts to suspect that something is wrong…deeply wrong. Will Kate be able to trust herself with James’ story, or even her own voice?

Along with Mara and Scott, the cast of GHOSTWRITER includes Nicole Beharie, Tara Summers, Michael Laurence, Eileen Fogarty, Rudy Galvan, K. Todd Freeman, Aime Todd Kelly, Gulshan Mia, Danny McCarthy and Lane Bajardi.

Mara and Scott, along with Chris Corcoran, Chief Content Officer and co-founder of Cadence13, and Adam Pincus of Best Case Studios, will serve as Executive Producers on GHOSTWRITER.

Listen to the GHOSTWRITER trailer here.

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