Suspenseful horror Hideout released in the UK

Kris Roselli’s Hideout is now available to stream in the U.K. and Ireland on AmazonUK.

This follows the November 9th release in the USA, where it is available on many cable TV and VOD platforms.

As amateur criminals escape a botched robbery, one is shot and will die if they don’t get help. They come upon a remote farmhouse and beg the family for aid. Luckily the grandma and granddaughter let them in and remove the bullet.

However, once the fugitives realize the residents know who they are, things begin to unravel and the more the group enforces violence the more it seems they lose control over the residents. It becomes apparent that there’s a greater evil here than humanly possible.

Hideout officially had its world premiere at the Salem Horror Fest in October, followed by the First Glance Film Festival in Philadelphia where it won the Audience Choice award for Best Feature Film.

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