Chucky 1×05 review

While so far the Chucky series has tread its own path, giving our titular killer doll plenty to do, this week we start to hit the more familiar ground.

This means the return of Tiffany and Nica, last seen eloping at the end of the Cult of Chucky series. Their entrance tries to fill in the blanks of the time elapsed since the end of Cult and largely succeeds.

Interestingly we also get more flashbacks to Chucky and Tiffany’s meeting in the 80s with Charles Lee Ray played by one Fiona Dourif.

On the flipside, Lexi has now teamed up with Jake and Devon who are now in the early stages of a relationship. The spare part here is Junior who is feeling left out from the trio, but will he now find a friend until the end?

Lexy’s mother also seems to have replaced her daughter as chief bitch of the series as she doubles down on her daughter since the house fire while also using taxpayer’s money to repair her house!

The balance is fine right now between the two narratives, but it will certainly be interesting how the Tiffany/Nica blend with Jake and co’s story; as this could make or break the series as a whole.

Chucky continues on SyFy.

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