Is this Nick Castle’s cameo in Halloween Kills?

Nick Castle returned to the Halloween franchise once again for Halloween Kills, with a cameo similar to his part in Halloween (2018) suggested, but where was it in the final film?

Since production Castle has said that his particular scene didn’t make the final cut of Kills, but who knows it could turn up on the Blu Ray release, muted for a 28th December 2021 release.

The shot above was featured in the behind the scenes featurettes for Halloween Kills and features Myers in a rarely seen static pose, staring at himself in Judith Myers’ old bedroom. Could this be the cameo that Castle speaks of which didn’t make the final cut?

Presumably, this was the original intention for the scene when Little John finds Big John and is then slain by The Shape and then displayed in a pose mirroring a picture of the couple seen earlier in the film.

I must admit since seeing this footage it was fascinating, as it seems like a moment of rare reflection for Myers who up until this point has just kept moving and kept killing as Dr. Sartain alluded to in the 2018 film.

A similar scene was scrapped from the 2018 film, with the original conclusion having The Shape sitting amongst Laurie’s mannequin’s potentially mortally wounded after receiving a crossbow shot from Karen.

What do you think though? Is this Castle’s cameo or do you think he was involved in another scene from Halloween Kills that didn’t make the final cut? Let us know in the comments.

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