Amityville Bigfoot starts filming this month

Independent creature feature Amityvile Bigfoot starts filming late this month and you can support the production too.

Directed by Shawn C. Phillips, the film will be produced by the same team behind Amityville Shark House and Amityville Karen.

Confirmed stars for Amityville Bigfoot include Star Tuesday Knight (Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4) as well as Lorelei Linklater (Boyhood) and Trent Haaga (KillJoy Series).

Perks wise on the film these are the following ones we have available for the project

  • Associate Producer Credit : $200
  • Co-Producer Credit : $350
  • Executive Producer $500

-Be a Bigfoot Export in the film $250 (This is a self film role where you shoot the film from home and send in the footage to be included in the film) You would be playing a person that is an expert on Bigfoot or would be something that either encountered Bigfoot or doesn’t believe in Bigfoot)

  • $300 – Walk on role with lines (You will have a walk on role in the film with some lines)
  • Be a Newscaster $350 (That is self film as well which you can shoot from home. You would be playing a newscaster talking about the Bigfoot attacks and everything relating to the Bigfoot in the film)
  • Scene with Shawn C Phillips $450 (Acting role in the film with lines and acting in a scene with me –

-Get Killed by the Bigfoot $600 (With this perk you will get killed by the Bigfoot in the film in a crazy and super gory death scene)

  • Star in the film $800 You will have a major role in the project and be in a handful of the scenes
  • Hire a celebrity and Act with them $1200 (With this perk you would be hiring a celebrity to be bring into the project who you would be acting in a scene with)
  • $2500 (Be a lead in the film. Be a main character in the film and be in througout the film with a major story arc

To support Amityville Bigfoot visit Paypal now.

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