Chucky 1×03 review

While the first 2 episodes of Chucky felt like they were laying the groundwork for the series, the third episode ‘I Like to Be Hugged’ really goes for the jugular.

Following their conversation last week, Jake seems to be on board with killing nemesis Lexy, following her stunt at the teen Halloween party, impersonating Jake’s recently deceased father.

We see Jake psyching himself up for the task, with Chucky ultimately being the devil on his shoulder. Once its clear he isn’t ready to go through with it, the killer doll takes charge, after being borrowed to Lexy after her bratty sister demands it following her encounter with Chucky last week.

The main set piece of the film involves Chucky invading a silent disco at Lexy’s house and causing quite a stir. While this does expose some of the show’s limitations, it is also great to see Chucky cutting loose.

We also get more of Charles Lee Ray’s backstory, which takes some chances and also points towards the idea that killers are just born and not ‘created’.

Ultimately, Chucky continues its steady and entertaining pace, with plenty of viewers surely wondering what will happen next; which is any TV producers dream.

Chucky continues this week on SyFy.

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