Witching Season Films announces ‘He Never Left’ crowdfunded

Witching Season Films has released the opening scene to their second feature film, ‘He Never Left’ and launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Witching Season Films, the indie-production company behind The Witching Season and They Live Inside Us has released the official poster and opening scene to their second feature film He Never Left, as well as launching a crowdfund-campaign to raise money for the production.

Written and directed by James Morris (who co-wrote/directed The Witching Season), the film’s synopsis is as follows:

“After hearing strange noises from an adjoining motel room, a federal fugitive accidentally becomes the target of a notorious killer, who’s legend has haunted the local community for decades.”

The opening scene of the film was shot in secret and released online on October 28th, 2021, along with the official poster designed by the highly acclaimed Marc Webb of Sadist Art Designs

With production already started, Witching Season Films hopes to have the project shot by summer 2022, with a hopeful film-festival tour/release later that year.

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