Slumber Party Massacre (2021) review

While many of the established and renowned slasher films of the 1980s have undergone at least one reboot or two in the time since their heyday, one property that had been left unexplored was Slumber Party Massacre.

It seems strange to consider this, given the effect it had on the genre, being a progressive slasher with a woman behind the lens.

Fast-forward and we a reboot, written by Suzanne Keilly and directed by Danishka Esterhazy, and while credence is paid to what has come before this duo is clearly looking to build something with fingerprints of the original but very much its own beast.

Esterhazy pays homage to the original (and its sequel) whilst also slipping in easter eggs for Friday the 13th fans, with winks and nods that will only make slasher fans smile.

We start with a group of girls being offed by driller killer Russ Thorn, with one survivor ending his reign of chaos – then we jump nearly 30 years later and the final girl’s daughter is now going away with her friends which in turn gives her mum stressed given her PTSD from such a traumatic incident.

It would be unfair to spoil the divergences in the plot but Slumber Party Massacre is smarter than you may have given it credit for going in. When you think you have it figured out it pivots and arguably creates one of the best modern remakes of a slasher property.

The characters are likeable and smart and when the drilling does begin it doesn’t hold back. Given SyFy’s recent output of this and the Chucky series, it’s safe to say that horror properties are in safe hands on this ship.

Slumber Party Massacre is a rollicking good time and shows how to pay tribute to the past whilst carved your own path.

Slumber Party Massacre will be released in the UK by Lightbulb Distribution on 13th December 2021.


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