Dark Ditties presents ‘Dad’ review

After four excellent and varied episodes, the Dark Ditties crew are back just in time for Halloween with their latest episode ‘Dad’.

We open with a priest debating on a talk show with a man who speaks of reckonings to come that no God can prevent. While things get a bit heated, at the close of the broadcast the man slits his own throat but, plot twist returns as a zombie who starts to go to town on his fellow guest and host.

Fed into political commentary ‘Dad’ begins as a virus feature, with people stating that the outbreak is fake etc.

We fast forward 18 months and the paranoia of the outbreak has really set in, with ‘Dad’ asking some timely questions about trust and the survivors will cope in a post-pandemic world.

While it would be so easy to focus on the zombie and flesh-eating chaos, director Adam Evans instead opts to focus on character building in a time where society is in a grey area where traditional good and bad motives don’t really apply. Also, what could come across as hokey, really works and feels oddly poignant as our rag tag group of survivors deal with their own mortality.

Stand out performances include Corin Silva as David plus Ian Gelder as his father and the superb Mark Wingett as the Reverend.

‘Dad’ also navigates a sub-plot regarding the role of religion during dark times, and how some perceived themselves as indestructible whilst painting others as expendable in the name of a higher power.

‘Dad’ continues to showcase the Dark Ditties crew as leaders in British horror and genre productions, with the only concession being that we need more shorts and features of this quality being produced.

Dark Ditties presents ‘Dad’ is coming to Amazon Prime on 28th October 2021.

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