The Sadness (Grimmfest 2021) review

While the screening of The Sadness came with certain expectations, I must admit I wasn’t quite prepared for what I actually saw.

Picking the very topical theme of a pandemic, the virus detailed in the story has two effects on people – they either want to kill you or have sex with you – and nothing in out of bounds.

To say it went to some dark places is an understatement but I could not deny the sheer breakneck pace of the film which once it presses on the accelerator doesn’t really draw breath for around 100 minutes.

We follow a couple who have been split up, as they attempt to reconcile and escape the rabid infected people of the local city.

The Sadness has the feel in parts to Train To Busan with its adrenaline-fused pacing and human story at its core.

I can’t give away too many particulars but there is some quite depraved dialogue and also one scene that could have viewers either switching off or walking out. But if you can stick it out, this is easily one of the boldest, depraved and visually stunning films of the year.

The Sadness screened at Grimmfest 2021.

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