Chucky 1×01 review

The season opener of the Chucky TV series is very much a ground laying exercise, introducing us to our central characters but we also get sprinkles of bloody mayhem which the killer doll series is renowned for.

Unbeknownst to teenager Jake, the doll he picks up at the start of the episode at a yard sale is actually the killer Chucky doll, who looks set to carve out a new bloody rampage in his hometown.

‘Chucky’ gives hints of the wider plot with micro scenes hinting at the origins of Charles Lee Ray plus we hear a familiar voice on the phone to Jake once the first body has hit the floor.

The ensemble cast is also quite impressive with Final Destination alumni Devon Sawa pulling double duty as Jake’s abusive father plus his uncle. Lexa Doig (Jason X) also pops up as Bree, Jake’s aunt but it is newcomer Zackary Arthur who shines here as the closeted homosexual teen who is befriended by his ‘friend until the end’.

The standout sequence of the season opener as a ventriloquist rendition at school that goes awry as Chucky unveils some home truths about some of the audience to fantastic comical effect.

While its not groundbreaking ‘Chucky’ has a solid start and certainly shows their is life in the old doll yet.

Chucky screens every week on SyFy.

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