I Know What You Did Last Summer series premiere review

The Amazon series, adapting the popular 90s slasher I Know What You Did Last Summer into a short TV series was always going to face an uphill battle.

While there is the DNA of the source material in this opening episode there is a real attempt to update the text whilst trying to carve a slightly different path.

For this episode we flip between the present day and ‘last summer’ where a group of teenagers are involved in an accident on a coastal road, that will transform their lives forever.

During the flashback we spend a large chunk of time at a graduation party which does drag slightly, but it does set up what looks like an ongoing narrative between Allison and her older, and more adventurous sister.

The show feels like it will have more in common with Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl rather than a slasher featuring a killer fisherman. While this could attract a whole new crowd, the sentimentalists for Ben Willis and co. will be sorely disappointed.

A mixed bag.

I Know What You Did You Did Last Summer is streaming now on Amazon Prime.

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