3 Must-Sees at Mayhem Film Festival 2021

The annual Mayhem Film Festival is just around the corner, so we have selected three films that are must-see’s at this year’s festival at the Broadway in Nottingham.

Alien On Stage

The biggest success of Alien on Stage is the sheer good-feeling it conveys with its endearing cast, who are clearly overwhelmed by the attention they are getting. You can feel their nerves and feel the goosebumps as they prepare for their big show.

Iconic scenes are recreated from Ridley Scott’s classic with such creative flair that will win over an audience member.

Alien on Stage is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.


Midnight is an adrenaline rush like no other film being shown on the festival circuit.

Director Oh-Seung Kwon employs the deafness plot device similar to Mike Flanagan in Hush, which ultimately creates some nerve-shredding scenes.

Midnight is a thrill ride from start to finish which will leave you spellbound by its conclusion.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

When a cafe owner discovers a glitch in the time-space continuum he is able to see two minutes into the future and from here chaos and hilarity ensues.

Coming from Third Window Films of One Cut of the Dead fame, Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes is another stellar exercise in the creativity of filmmaking and how something quite basic can turn into pure innovation.

Beyond… is also packed with heart and likeable characters who are surprisingly put in real peril during the last third of the film, with the darker turn certainly catching viewers off guard.

Mayhem Film Festival takes place at the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham between 14th and 17th October 2021.

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