Bad Candy review

By David Dent

The portmanteau movie has diversified considerably since its four/five story – one linking device origins, but Scott B. Hansen and first-time co-director Desiree Connell’s anthology flick plays like a deconstruction of the form.

It’s Halloween, and we join Psychotronic Radio 66.6 FM for the Chilly Billy show, with the said Mr B (Slipknot’s Corey Taylor) and fellow DJ Paul (good old Zach Galligan from ‘Gremlins’) spinning the discs and keeping the holiday banter going.
Actually no records get played on their show but they take it in turn to tell some Halloween tales and ask callers to phone in with their ideas.

Hold on to your pumpkins as the stories intersect with each other including: a young girl, dressed as a witch, who has the ability to transform her drawings into real life monsters; an oversexed morgue attendant who gets down and dirty with one of her charges and lives to regret it; a bratty bully turned into a wooden doll; an old guy who puts razors in the candy and gets his; a taxi driver who gets into serious hot water; paranormal investigators investigating an ancient crime at a rambling house; and a longer episode involving a ‘Jeepers Creepers’ type monster getting his annual feed in.

This is ADHD moviemaking all right; the restless camera doesn’t really stay on anything that long, but the great practical effects and very on point Halloween production values make it watchable, if at times baffling. Themes are picked up and dropped but there is a link story, of sorts, with an ever present demon clown called, appropriately enough, ‘Bad Candy’, who’s always hanging around to mete out very moral punishments to the bad people. This is scrappy, well played but ultimately rather uninvolving fare; I won’t be adding it to my seasonal favourites list anytime soon.

Bad Candy is available now on DVD & Digital Download.

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