Horseman by Christina Henry review

It is fair to say that most horror fans vaguely know the story of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, from the animated short, the Tim Burton feature or the FOX TV series, many have tried to keep the legend alive.

Here author Christina Henry goes a step further and tries to continue the story of the town of Sleepy Hollow.

Set 20 year later we follow the journey of Ben Van Brunt, who lives with her grandparents and discovers a body in the woods nearby the Hollow, missing its head and hands. Has the Horseman returned again or is there something more sinister at work?

Henry does a good job of world building whilst throwing the reader plenty of curveballs to keep them guessing about the plot’s direction. This fleshes out the Sleepy Hollow story and could easily be adapted into a short TV series or even a feature film.

Ben is a fascinating character, a girl very much identifying more with her more masculine qualities while trying to solve the mystery as the body start to pile up.

Henry understands what makes the story work and certainly adds a touch of danger to all characters; basically don’t get attached to anyone.

At just under 350 pages this is the type of book that can easily be consumed in a handful of days.

Horseman by Christina Henry is released on 28th September 2021 by Titan Books.

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