Halloween Kills confirms another returning character

The latest promotional post from Jamie Lee Curtis, advertising the upcoming Halloween Kills has confirmed the return of a major character from the 2018 film.


The image posted on Curtis’ Instagram shows Laurie Strode talking to Will Patton’s Deputy Sheriff Hawkins who seemingly survived being stabbed and run over by Dr Sartain in Halloween 2018.

But what role will Hawkins play in the new film? Will he be our guide back to 1978 and how Michael was apprehended as well as giving exposition, presumably alongside Laurie at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital?

David Gordon Green hinted at Hawkins’ return during the Halloween at Home watch-a-long last May, teasing we hadn’t seen the last of his character.

Hawkins was a popular addition to the cast of Halloween 2018, with his no non-sense approach almost mirroring Laurie’s when it came to hunting down Michael Myers.

While he felt like he was taking the situation very seriously, on the flipside we had Sheriff Barker who seemed more intent on making light of the situation even as the bodies start to pile up.

Will Hawkins make Barker see some sense in Halloween Kills and put his full force behind stopping Michael once and for all (well…until Halloween Ends).

We will find out on 15th October when the film is finally released theatrically and streaming on Peacock.

Halloween Kills opens on 15th October 2021.

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