Halloween Kills taking us back to 1963?

The final trailer for Halloween Kills has arrived and while mirroring the CinemaCon, there are certainly some surprises, including one notable link to Michael’s past.

While we know that the Myers House will play a significant role in the film plus there will be a flashback to 1978 and the continuation of Michael’s rampage – there was also a blink and you’ll miss glimpse of Michael from 1963 in the infamous clown suit after stabbing his sister Judith to death.

But what could this mean? Are we going to see Michael taken to Smith’s Grove in 1963 or is there more to the night when he attacked his sister? I guess we will find out soon enough.

When filming began for Halloween Kills back in 2019 there were rumours of a 1963 flashback with the production crew looking to acquire older vehicles for the scene.

This trailer focuses largely on the survivors from the 1978 killing spree but again conspicuous by his absence former Sheriff Brackett, which suggests Charles Cyphers’ role in the film will be quite limited.

We also get a quick glimpse of Dr Loomis in front of the Myers, as Michael is surrounded.

Given there has been plenty of merchandise for Halloween Kills already, I also wonder if we will get a replica of the new 1978 mask from the flashback sequence?

Lots of questions but there is only 25 days to go until Halloween Kills is finally released when we will get our answers.

Halloween Kills is released in cinemas on 15th October 2021.

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