The ParaPod review

By David Dent

The Parapod Podcast is the insanely popular creation of Ian Boldsworth and Barry Dodds; for the last five years the pair have ripped the wee out of the ‘Most Haunted’ style paranormal shows in pitch perfect parody, all night vision, ponderous silences and running about screaming. They play a pair of ghost hunters: Boldsworth is the rampant sceptic, who believes in nothing that he can’t see or touch, whereas Dodds is his accepting, emotional counterpart.

So now the lads have crowdfunded to create a feature film, which takes them on a road trip of the UK’s most haunted places. Told from within the confines of their studio, the pair recount their adventures, which for the most part consist of Boldsworth mercilessly and sarcastically teasing the innocent, ‘I want to believe’ Dodds.

Setting off from Amble in Northumberland, in a converted hearse purchased by Boldsworth and liveried with ‘The Parapod’ on the side (much to Dodds’ embarrassment), the pair visit Manchester, Kent and Scotland in a series of haunted escapades which predictably produce no real evidence, finally arriving back in Pontefract to track down the infamous ‘Black Monk’.

But the real pleasure here – in fact the whole premise of the movie – is the relationship between Boldsworth, whose delivery recalls prime Ricky Gervais, and gullible Dodds, who never seems to get wise to his partner’s endless windups, whether it’s getting Dodds an unannounced slot at a sceptics conference (clearly a real conference they’d hijacked for the occasion) or throwing things at him in the dark to give him the wim wams. Like all great comic partnerships, it’s the pairing of straight and funny man, both in their way quite tragic figures, locked together and seemingly unable to exist separately.

Watch the trailer for The ParaPod below –

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