Stephen Graham Jones’ My Heart is a Chainsaw released

Stephen Graham Jones’ slasher inspired latest novel My Heart is a Chainsaw has been released by Titan Books.

Some girls just don’t know how to die. Jade Daniels is an outcast in a town that wants nothing to do with her.

Now, one class away from dropping out of school, she is pouring her life and soul into her last assignment – a personal history of horror films. But Proofrock doesn’t rest easy; as Jade dives deep into the history of her hometown – the missing tourists, the drowned church in Indian Lake, the tragic deaths at camp years ago – the town strives to keep her trapped.

But outcasts still laugh and fight and cry and love fiercely, and even as the terror descends, and the blood flows, they never, ever give up.

A compulsive, literary thriller exploration of the slasher genre, Jones once again proves why he is one of the leading voices of the new wave of horror.

My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones is available now from Titan Books.

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