Buffalo Dreams announces screening of Fear No Evil

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival will launch its eighth season with a special 40th Anniversary screening of Frank LaLoggia’s 1981 Antichrist thriller Fear No Evil, starring Stefan Arngrim (Land of the Giants). The festival runs Nov. 5th- 11th at Dipson Theatres’ Eastern Hills Cinema in Williamsville, New York.

Fear No Evil is the tale of a 17-year-old high school student who discovers he is the Antichrist, battles two Archangels who have taken human form, and raises an army of the dead to wreak havoc in western New York. Filmed primarily in LaLoggia’s hometown Rochester, New York, and at Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands, the film features visual effects from Peter Kuran, who had already worked on Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, and punk rock songs by such artists as Patti Smith, the Ramones, and the Sex Pistols.

“We made Fear No Evil for $540,000, raised mostly from local backers,” LaLoggia says today. “An additional $300,000 was provided for post-production by the distributor, Avco Embassy Pictures, bringing the total to $840,000. I remember every detail of the shoot, as one tends to in a situation like this. Although the film proved to be a disappointment to me on a creative level due to the distributor having control over the final cut, had Fear No Evil never been made, my second film, Lady in White, would never have happened. If I have any affection for Fear, it has to do with its unwittingly becoming the sacrificial lamb that led to Lady in White. I learned every pitfall to avoid in making Lady in White after making this film.”

“Fear No Evil holds an important place in the legacy of western New York fantasy-horror filmmaking,” says festival co-director Gregory Lamberson. “It was released the same year as The Burning, which we screened several years ago, but it was actually filmed first, and Frank, who now lives in Italy, was a local guy who stepped up to the plate. He was a huge inspiration to me: I read about the film in Cinefantastique magazine while in high school and had the poster on my bedroom wall. Seeing it was one of my greatest drive-in experiences, and we can’t wait to show it on a big screen now.”

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival is open for film and screenplay submissions for one more week, via FilmFreeway.

Find out more about the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

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