Brain Freeze (Frightfest 2021) review

When a zombie outbreak takes over a small, affluent island in Canada, a group of unlikely allies must band together to discover the cure and how to stop the bloodshed.

What’s interesting about Brain Freeze is, right from the outset it looks at the class system and asks some big questions that a lot of us can relate during this current pandemic. Who should be saved? Is it ethical to cut ties and leave thousands to die instead of millions?

Luckily the film is also sprinkled with some wicked humour and quirky comedy to offset the darker themes.

There are also side plots surrounding the virus’ origins and some shady work being done to cover it; again it all feels very timely.

Brain Freeze certainly adds some new mythology strands to the zombie outbreak sub-genre plus it has plenty of heart making it a solid and entertaining watch.

With the option of a second film, I would love to see where the story went next.

Brain Freeze screened as part of Arrow Video Frightfest 2021.

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